samedi 15 novembre 2008


Dialogue Text:

【Dialog】(repeat twice and slowly)
老外: 这条围巾多少钱?
老外: 太贵了,能不能便宜点儿?
老外: 好吧,我要一条。

Meimei: When you bargain with venders, you can say "太贵了,能不能便宜点儿?" to ask a discount. When you have got a discount, but you want to get more, you can say "能不能再便宜点儿?" it means "can you make it lower than that?"
Laowai: 能不能再便宜点儿?If I want know the lowest price, how can I say that Chinese?
Meimei: You can say "最少多少钱?" "最少" means "at least". Sometimes, the venders may say "最少40块。" "the bottom price is 40 yuan."
Laowai: Can I give the venders a price when bargaining?
Meimei: Of course, you can. You can say "30块怎么样", "how about 30 yuan?"
Laowai: Meimei, how about 30 yuan for a scarf? 贵吗?
Meimei: 一条围巾30块。I think it is fine with me.
Laowai: I will buy it at 30 yuan. Thank you for teaching me so much.
Meimei: 不客气。